Simufact Welding v6 Free Download

Download Simufact Welding v6 – Nowadays industrial welding processes require a high degree of process security. The correct design of a welding procedure sheet is essential for the quality of a process, which is needed for the programming of welding robots among others.

Simufact Welding v6 Description

The correct application of clamping devices, the employed welding process, and the energy input are added. Distortions of the final geometry must be fully controlled so that components can be serially produced with precise tolerances.

Knowledge about the kind of heat influence zone enables specialists to conclude the properties of welding seams. Simufact welding 6 is a Finite Element-based program for welding simulation. Finite Element calculations are suitable for modeling the elastic-plastic material behavior and, thus, also for simulating welding structures.

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