Windows Firewall Control 6.9 Free Download

Windows Firewall Control 6.9 may be a small and really suitable program for expanding the capabilities of Windows Firewall and quick access to key options of Windows Firewall. Download Windows Firewall Control 6.9 runs on the Windows tray and allows its users to simply browse and monitor the firewall without dalliance.

Windows Firewall Control 6.9 Description

This program has four layers of filtering, which are, respectively, blocking all input and output connections, blocking output connections with specified options, blocking connections manually by the user, and eventually shutting down the firewall during which case no operation won’t runs.

Windows Firewall Control 6.9, although small in size, has all the features in a compressed form. This program with full support for normal user accounts and providing a simple interface will allow you to completely manage your Windows firewall.

Windows Firewall Windows 10

In this efficient software, various profiles are defined for filtering programs, which are activated and deactivated with only one click. Note, however, that this program is simply a shell or a graphical interface easier to access and control the Windows firewall, and it needs it to figure properly. we propose that you simply download and install the newest version of this program now and say goodbye to the lifeless and crowded Windows firewall forever.

Features Of Windows Firewall Control 6.9

  • A small application with a really low volume
  • Ability to define different rules for various programs and files
  • Quickly activate and off the firewall with only one click
  • Add programs or remove them from the firewall with only one click
  • Added to right-click menu to facilitate work with firewall
  • Quick search supported various filters in defined rules
  • Perform all the standard Windows firewall tasks during a beautiful and tidy graphical interface
  • Ability to specify a login to enter the program
  • Ability to import and export defined settings and rolls
  • Prevent unauthorized deletion of programs
  • Restore the first firewall settings after uninstalling the program
  • Automatic review of the remake of the app
  • Has various settings for displaying notifications and other parts of the program

Windows Firewall Control Windows 10

File information

  • Name: Windows.Firewall.Control.v6.9.2.0.rar
  • File Size: 2.68 MB
  • After Extract: 5 MB
  • Publisher: Windows Firewall
  • File Type:¬†Rar File
  • Update Date: April 11, 2023
  • Languages:¬†English


Password For File ” 123

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