Concepts NREC Suite 8.8.X 2020 Free Download

The remake of Concepts NREC Suite 8.8.X Free Download within the engineering design system creates a replacement bar for designing and building high-performance turbomachines. The Concepts NREC Suite 2020 features a new post-processing module that launches FINE / Turbo NUMECA International from within the AxCent environment.

Concepts NREC Suite 8.8.X 2020 Description

It also can import CFD results generated by FINE / Turbo into the AxCent viewing environment. Another new feature may be a rotary cover (RCT) to increase the compressor range, which is integrated throughout the planning from initial design to 3D geometry, grid generation, and solution flow. Concepts NREC software from the CAM module, MAX-PAC, continues to supply new features focused on complex 5-axis applications that are simple, secure, and efficient.

They include a replacement virtual freezer feature that simulates material removal. Other advanced features include more options for the rotation, new shredding strategies for harder materials, and new options for high-quality side shredding blades.

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About the Advanced Engineering Design System The Agile NREC may be a complementary set of Computer Engineering (CAE) and Computer Manufacturing (CAM) applications that encompass the whole design process: from initial measurements through fluid dynamics and mechanical stress and vibration analysis. the ultimate designs are often easily incorporated into the industry-leading MAX-PAC CAM software to make efficient 5-axis efficient solutions.

Features Of Concepts NREC Suite 8.8.X 2020

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) power management solution.
  • Integrated CAM / CAE tools with the process and build management.
  • Simulate virtual performance, reliability, durability, and production at rock-bottom cost.
  • Build, test, and modify true product-supported standards and best practices.
  • Accelerate development at the simplest opportunity for market success.
  • Predict product behavior for PLM, quality assurance, and certification process.
  • Tight integration between AxCent geometry software and Pushbutton CFD® and Pushbutton FEA. It brings the mixing of 3D CFD and FEA analysis into the planning process. As a result, the time interval is significantly reduced.

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