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GeoScene3D 10 may be a 3D geological modeling software for visualizing natural science data and building geological models to distribute results to stakeholders.

GeoScene3D 10 Description

3D geological modeling software downloaded for free is suitable for geoscientists publicly and personal organizations working with engineering geology, groundwater, soil pollution, or other tasks associated with the mixing and interpretation or visualization of knowledge types.

GeoScene3D enables the visualization of a good range of natural science data. for instance, wells, geophysical data, soil and water chemistry, land surfaces, and geological layers. additionally, it’s also possible to create geological models using the software during a modeling process.

Download GeoScene3D Software is the standard natural science data platform in Denmark and is continuously developed together with the Danish Geological Survey (GEUS), the Danish Nature Agency, and major Danish engineering companies. Downloading GeoScene3D 10 brings a good range of uses to users who work with everyday tasks.

GeoScene3D price

The result’s a practical, versatile, and powerful program capable of handling everyday practical problems that geologists face on many issues, both within the public and personal sectors.

Features Of GeoScene3D 10

  • Tools for simulating voxel properties, including multi-point (MPS), creating hard and soft data, and handling simulation results.
  • Tools for easy hydrological calculations, for instance, reducing the Theis equation.
  • Special tools for working with incl and support for GeoSoft XYZ and intelligent interpretation, the power to create a quick model of AEM data.
  • Tools for building layer-based models, creating new projects, visualizing data, and dealing with sections, maps, and 3D.

3D geological modeling software download free

File information

  • Name: I-GIS.GeoScene3D.v10.0.13.574.rar
  • File Size: 149 MB
  • After Extract: 177 MB
  • Publisher: I-GIS
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: Jan 16, 2023
  • Languages: English


Password for file: “123

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