NonVisual Desktop Access 2022.2 Free Download

Download NVDA NonVisual Desktop Access is free software for reading from the screen of a computer examiner, which can make it possible for the eyeless.

NonVisual Desktop Access 2022.2 Description

and visually disabled people to use computers with the Windows operating system. In fact, this software reads all the textbooks that are displayed on the computer screen to the stoner in audio form. When the mouse cursor is moved, the textbook in that area is read.

However, one of the features of the software will be the possibility of converting the textbook to braille, If the stoner has a braille display to use the computer. NonVisual Desktop Access can make it possible for eyeless druggies to study and work with ordinary computers, so that they can use social networks, do online shopping, do internet banking, etc.

Screen compendiums are programs that enable eyeless and incompletely observed people to interact with computers like sighted people. All the effects that bedazzle people do with computers, the effects they write or view on websites, the conditioning they do in Windows, etc.

are read to them by screen compendiums, and in this way, from the way, They come apprehensive of their operation with the computer. NVDA supports all programs similar to Internet cybersurfers, dispatch operation programs, converse and runner programs, as well as all kinds of office software.

NonVisual Desktop Access

Screen compendiums are generally marketable and have high costs, indeed further than one thousand bones, but NonVisual Desktop Access is fully free and open source, and it also receives good support from the manufacturer. Among the other advantages of using screen compendiums is the absence of damage or annoyance from the light from the screen for eyeless, incompletely observed, and indeed observed people.

Features Of NonVisual Desktop Access 2022.2

  • Support popular operations similar to web cybersurfer, Word, and Excel.
  • Reading emails on the computer for eyeless people.
  • Reporting of textbook formatting, similar as font name and size, style, and spelling crimes.
  • Windows command line support.
  • Automatic reading of the textbook on which the mouse pointer is placed.
  • Persian language support without the need for supplementary programs.
  • Free and open source donation by the manufacturer.
  • Easy and light software installation and perpetuation.
  • Compatible with 64 32- bit Windows.
  • The possibility of using the program with a fully Persian terrain.
  • The possibility of using the software in a movable way.
  • Comity with all performances of Windows.
  • No need to install a script to use skype.
  • Support for all generally used software similar to internet cybersurfers, and programs.
  • Dispatch operation, converse and runner programs, as well as colorful software.

NonVisual Desktop Access Screen Reader

File information

  • Name: NVDA.v2022.2.1.rar
  • File Size: 26.6 MB
  • After Extract: 35 MB
  • Publisher: NVDA
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: AUG 25, 2021
  • Languages: English


Password for file: “123

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