GeoStudio 2022.1 Free Download

Download GeoStudio 2022.1 Free for Windows is the rearmost interpretation of the geo-specialized modeling software, which is used for computations.

GeoStudio 2022.1 Description

Detailed analysis of specialized information related to the earth. Soil mechanics, gemstone mechanics, water coffers, seismicity. And engineering and environmental geology are some of the exemplifications that civil masterminds can perform colorful computations using this software.

Further, in this software, it’s possible to calculate and make different models of land countries, including pitch stability, groundwater agreement, solute transfer, air inflow, etc.

In the analysis section, druggies can carry out a detailed analysis of the interactive problems of underground water and air in jewels and soils, as well as the analysis of the inflow of the terrain across the face of the earth.

GeoStudio software price

The analysis section in GeoStudio 2022 is epitomized in five corridors, which include these particulars dynamic analysis, dynamic analysis of dikes and earth heads, analysis of seepage as a function of time of heads, stress analysis of relegation of earth heads, and Pressure analysis.

Features Of GeoStudio 2022.1

  • Performing meta-analysis and combining them in a model
  • Working with CAD lines( supporting DWG/ DXF formats in input/ affair)
  • Performing resemblant analyses
  • Displaying the results of geographic analysis and analysis in the form of images and graphs.
  • Computation of trustability portions of the ground and gemstone sphere.
  • Distortion stress analysis of soil structures using SIGMA/ W.
  • Modeling contaminant movement through accouterments similar to soil and gemstone.
  • Analysis of the Geste of underground water as well as air in soil and gemstone.

GeoStudio Download

File information

  • Name: GEOSLOPE.GeoStudio.2022.1.v11.4.1.212.x64.rar
  • File Size: 712 MB
  • After Extract: 811 MB
  • Publisher: GEOSLOPE
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: Dec 10, 2022
  • Languages:¬†English


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