Valentin Software GeoT*SOL 2021 R1 Free Download

Download Valentin Software GeoT*SOL 2021 R1 is an accurate and effective simulation software for professional planning, computation, and design of heat pump systems or heat pumps.

Valentin Software GeoT*SOL 2021 R1 Description

A heat pump is a device that transfers energy from the point of origin( low temperature) to the destination point( with advanced temperature) and with proper control and operation, it can transfer heat to the asked direction depending on the season.

With the help of this software, you can choose the applicable bone for your position among different heat sources( soil, air, and underground water) and operating modes( single- valence, single- energy and binary- valence). The integration of solar thermal systems and bivalent systems with brume boilers as heat creators should also be considered.

Download Valentin Software GeoTSOL 2021

The conditions, losses and the quantum of consumption are determined as a result of accurate simulation with the help of this software, and grounded on this, the quantum of electricity consumption, the measure of seasonal thermal performance, and costs are calculated considering different time ages and tariffs. With the determination of these parameters, the profitable effectiveness of the system is estimated and compared with the help of GeoT * SOL before the perpetration of the design.

Features For Valentin Software GeoT*SOL 2021 R1

  • Simulation of heat pump systems
  • Assaying and checking the quantum of energy-saving
  • Making smarter and more accurate opinions grounded on simulated models of the heat pump system
  • Furnishing detailed reports of the simulated design
  • Compare the consumption of your system with a normal system
  • Determining the periodic performance factor grounded on VDI 4650
  • The possibility of determining the type of rainfall and the position of the model
  • Displaying the results as a graphic illustration.

Valentin Software GeoTSOL 2021 Free Download

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  • Update Date: Sep 28, 2023
  • Languages:¬†English


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