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DICAD Strakon Premium 2020.3.2

The new DICAD Strakon Premium 2020.3.2 of DICAD is moreover focusing on 3D structural engineering. New functions for three-dimensional design and processing provide for more efficient workflows. Results in more efficient planning and design in building, commercial, and industrial construction.

DICAD Strakon Premium 2020.3.2 Description

Hence, the industry-specific CAD program for planning and design in structural engineering reinforcement. Finally, precast elements further expand the field of 3D for a model-oriented method in terms of Building Information Modeling (BIM). You Can Also Download DICAD STRAKON Premium 2016. All In All, At the same time, DICAD combines 2D with 3D CAD functions, still providing users. with the option of working either in a drawing-oriented way or three-dimensional or even using 2D and 3D in parallel.

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